Smart Vitamins for him


30 caps/pouch

The essential vitamins every man needs, in one capsule.

Unique all-in-one capsule
Essential vitamins such as vit D & vit B's
Selenium, saw palmetto, omega 3 & coenzyme Q10
Optimal dosage
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More about the Smart Vitamins for him

Optimal vitamins, optimal you

At Insentials, we believe that the basis for optimal health lies in healthy food as well as our 01, the Smart Vitamins.
Everything starts with healthy food, but unfortunately, healthy food is no longer enough. Stress, air pollution, hormonal imbalance and nutrient-poor soil, among others, are at the root of vitamin deficiencies.
Supplementing with essential vitamins specifically for men, such as those in our Smart Vitamins, is a necessity today. Take your health to the next level by nourishing your body with essential vitamins.

High dosage with unique absorption technology

The unique duo capsule ensures that the ingredients survive the stomach acid and are released once they arrive in the small intestine, for efficient absorption.
This multivitamin contains only nutrients you really need. Most other multis contain 20+ ingredients that are too low in dose and that you get enough from your diet. Smart Vitamins contains 6 essential vitamins, in optimal dosage and bioavailable form, for ideal absorption in your body.
By the way, did you know that all Insentials products can be taken together without overdosing?

Smart Vitamins for him


Clean label, smart choice

100% notified vitamins approved by Belgian and European authorities.
Thanks to the duo-cap technology, the essential vitamins; vit D, B12, K, E, ... and biotin, in Omega 3 fatty acids instead of in fillers.
This ensures optimal and unique absorption, hence the name Smart Vitamins.

By women, for men

Did you know that men also suffer from vitamin deficiencies despite not having a menstrual cycle? Men too have additional needs to ensure optimal cell division & cellular energy.
Therefore, we have developed this unique formula specifically for men to address the masculine fundaments.

Essential needs, also for him

We have also added 500 mcg of active folic acid in Smart Vitamins for men. Folic acid is absolutely recommended long-term in both men and women for optimal cell division and internal health.
In addition, vitamin D and B12 are also recommended for stronger immunity. During the winter months, and in our regions even during the summer months, there is too little sunlight to absorb enough vitamin D. Vitamin B12, on the other hand, is essential in stressful times.

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