Smart Collagen Shot 10g

30 shots x 10g

Highly dosed, patented Smart Collagen shot with CollaXine™, vitamin C and keratin precursors

Skin rejuvenation, hair and nails
91% absorbency
Keraboost™ technology
10g collagen | CollaXine™
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More about the Smart Collagen Shot 10g

Visible skin rejuvenation

Collagen is a large protein that your body finds difficult to absorb in its natural form. At Insentials, we own a unique manufacturing process that cuts collagen into smaller peptides, with exceptional hydrolysis. This ensures an advanced absorption rate of 91%, with visible results after 4 weeks in published human scientific papers.

Much more than a collagen shot

The exceptionally high dosage of 10g of collagen, combined with Collaxin™, a blend of sulphur-containing amino acids, ensures increased absorption in the intestines. Moreover, the Keraboost technology supports the formation of keratin for additional anti-ageing, stronger hair & nails.

0% sugars and 0% sweeteners

Collagen is often characterised by an unpleasant taste, which is why many manufacturers use sugars as well as sweeteners to give it a nice flavour. However, these sugars and sweeteners overload the liver, which is crucial for the absorption and processing of proteins, including collagen. A stressed liver can significantly impact your collagen production. Insentials' Smart Collagen contains natural strawberry flavouring: no foul taste, no overloading your liver.

Smart Collagen Shot 10g


Shot on-the-go

Using small brown bottles is not only convenient on-the-go, it also prevents bacterial contamination. The brown colour of the bottle protects the collagen and Vitamin C from oxidation by daylight. The small bottles are 100% recyclable.

No allergy, no side effects

Fish and beef collagen are the most commonly used ingredients for collagen supplementation, and within the beauty sector, fish collagen is most commonly used for external applications. Insentials has chosen to work with bovine collagen, however, because with advanced hydrolysis, it no longer makes any difference which origin you work with. The peptides are made so small that the advantages of fish collagen are completely eliminated, and the disadvantage of fish allergy disappears.

Extra tip for a fresher experience

Put your Smart Collagen Shot in the fridge. This makes it extra tasty and fresh. Long-term intake is advisable.

Age no more

Vanaf de leeftijd van 25 jaar is er een aanzienlijke afname van collageen. Tegen de leeftijd van 40 is het vermogen van het lichaam om collageen te produceren met 25% afgenomen en tegen de leeftijd van 60 jaar zelfs met 50%.

Belangrijk is extra collageen suppletie in de juiste vorm en dosage. Niet elke vorm van collageen is even goed opneembaar. Dit in combinatie met vitamine C maakt de Insentials Collaxine™ 10g shot de best opneembare en hoog gedoseerde vorm.

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