My story is yours too.

Your struggle with vitamin deficiencies is a shared experience among many. A great desire to have children, and several miscarriages, made me realise that the basics were not right and I was struggling with deficiencies.

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The existing remedies are often reactive. But prevention is just more crucial, both physically and mentally. We are on a mission: we look at causes of symptoms through lifestyle health. We make it easy and defined 'lifestyle' health in a simple 5x 'e' approach: Eat. Exercise. Essentialise. Expertise. Ecology.

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Whatever your symptom, in your diet there is always part of the cause and the beginning of the solution. Incorporating these 3 simple food hacks into your routine can help you make healthier choices and manage your weight more easily.

1. 50% of your plate should consist of vegetables. Make a variation in colours.

2. Combine fruit with protein sources like skyr to stabilize your blood sugar levels

3. Go the flexitarian way. Limit processed and red meat. Rather go for chicken of a fatty fish.

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Exercise flattens blood sugar levels and thus has a positive impact on insulin levels and liver function but not all sports require the same nutrition. In endurance sports, you consume sugars at a slow rate so exercise on an empty stomach is interesting.In strength training, you need a lot of sugars for a short time and your liver, the storage organ of sugar, does not have time to release sugars. With this type of sport, it is advisable to eat first though.


Vitamin deficiencies can result from various external factors beyond diet. Stress, a sedentary lifestyle with too little physical activity, pollution, lack of sunlight, pesticides in our drinking water, chemicals in cosmetics are all reasons of vitamin shortage. Taking your daily smart multivitamin or targeted supplement can be beneficial to ensure you're getting all the essential vitamins your body needs to function properly.


We are a multidisciplinary team with only accreditated healthcare professionals. We’re not about pseudo science. All formulas are notified & validated by our Regulatory departement. We only use the best essential ingredients, natural and without any compromise on the quality. Clean label with full transparancy is part of the Insentials’ DNA. Our experts are also there for you with regular food and exercise advice and to give you the best tips & tricks for a better lifestyle.


Every small foodprint has an impact. Ecology means something different to everyone, and almost everyone wants to make a contribution today.

Start small and don't buy packaged fruits and vegetables, eat less meat and never throw away food. You can always use leftovers to conjure something on the table.

In addition to our love for health, we also care about the planet. We therefore also consistently strive to reuse materials where possible.

That’s why we give you, when purchasing a monthly subscription, a traditional beautiful and reusable pharmacy jar. We don't use blisters in our packaging but sachets from recycled materials.

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We create a routine that delivers optimal results and send you your vitamins monthly, all you have to do is take them daily. We'll dive into your scientific results and choose the ultimate vitamin plan for you, based on your symptoms anddeficiencies. It is essential to know your actual needs!

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Weight is not just a number

Weight is not just a number on a scale, it's a reflection of your overall metabolism, including the amount of fat around your organ and its impact on your liver. A healthy weight starts with a purified liver. An overloaded liver makes it impossible to switch to your fat burning metabolism. Detox!

Did you know? You can also be "fat" with a size 38? The phenomenon of skinny fats: slim people with fatty liver and fats around the organs. The combination of a wrong or incomplete understanding of what healthy food exactly means and unfavorable eating habits and patterns (snacks in between, light or zero soft drinks,...) causes them to have too many sugar spikes, causing the liver and organs to become fatty.

A good relationship with your belly

A bloated belly can be a sign of a digestive discomfort. Most people think the stomach and intestines are the cause, but mostly the problems come from other organs above the belly. Look in the toilet !

Your stool tells you everything you need to know about your digestion and your liver. So check your pot regularly. Do you see a Cuban cigar there? Then you're on the right track. If you have bloating and your stool is rather oily with a strong odor, then that may indicate an overburdened liver and a problem in digestion. If you have few stools, then your intestinal flora is not working as it should. After all, the rule here is, the more the better, and at least once a day. Are you unable to do the latter or do you go much more often? That also indicates problems with your digestion. Flatulence is also a good advisor. If it is odorless, it indicates poor digestion of carbohydrates. If it is the other way around, then something is wrong in protein digestion.

Many myths exist around collagen and anti-aging

Of course those products work, but again some expertise is needed. From the age of twenty-five your collagen production declines, that is 100% a fact.

So taking additional collagen will preventively slow down your skin aging. But what many do not know is that collagen is a very "big" molecule. As a result, collagen can only be absorbed if it is pre-chewed, so to speak, or cut into pieces. In scientific terms, this is called "hydrolyzed". And again, cofactors are needed for optimal absorption, in this case vitamin C.

Today there are all kinds of galenic forms and trendy drinks with a rainbow of colors and flavors (with sweetners) that - there we are again - stress the liver. So if you want to target your skin as a reflection of the liver, go for a pure combination of hydrolysed collagen, vitamin C and keratin precursors.

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Menopause, a landscape of change

Menopause may mark the end of a woman's reproductive years, but it also signals a switch in her fatburning and metabolism, as her body adapts to a new hormonal landscape.

Many women may notice an increase in abdominal fat or a redistribution of fat from the hips and thighs to the abdomen. It's important to note that menopause itself does not increase the number of fat cells in the body. The number of fat cells typically remains relatively stable throughout adulthood. However, the size and distribution of fat cells can change, leading to alterations in body shape and composition.

It is worth noting that this can exacerbate the discomfort caused by night sweats. Excess fat acts as insulation, trapping heat and making it harder for the body to regulate its temperature effectively. This can contribute to increased sweating during the night.

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Fuel your fertility

Fertility and insulin resistance may seem unrelated, but they are in fact intertwined. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is crucial for optimizing reproductive health.

Your liver plays a role in hormone metabolism and clearance. If blood sugar levels become unstable, it can have various effects on the body, including impacting hormone regulation.

Balancing your blood sugar levels can help nourish your body and fuel your fertility.

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