detox boost
detox boost

Become your own health expert

Take advantage of the revolutionary face scan technology and discover your vitamin needs. Prefer not to come into the picture or prefer a questionnaire? The quiz will also help you find out what needs your body has.

Or use your phone to scan your face:

How it works

From face analysis to health insights

Put your face in front of your computer’s or smartphone’s camera

Respect the instructions for an optimal face scan. Click on the red button to start the face scan.

It's recording time! Measuring your health parameters takes about 20 seconds

Keep your face in front of your screen during the scanning process. After the scan, fill in a few short questions until the result appears.

Your health insights and vitamin plan are suggested immediately

Depending on your scan, a Basic, Recommended and Advanced vitamin plan is suggested. Choose long-term health.

The science behind it

At Insentials, innovation and science take center stage. We are constantly going the extra mile. Our latest, revolutionary and advanced technology is designed to accurately assess your health.

This technological breakthrough is the result of extensive research, validated by scientists, engineers and professors, including those from the University of Delft (NL). It is also where Amandine, food scientist and founder of Insentials, wrote her thesis. This innovation is already being applied at the White-Yellow Cross in Flanders (BE).

Using the video face scan, this technology detects the blood flow in your face, allowing it to measure your health parameters such as sleep, heart rate, energy level and mental health. It does this by applying advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques, enabling it to capture small relevant facial regions (ROI, regions of interests) of your skin blood flow.

Ambient light penetrating your skin, creates a reflection on the blood vessels. The pixel values in these regions of your face are used to construct a raw signal in which tiny color changes, resulting from heart pulsations, are the key to measuring your health parameters. This signal is converted into a qualitative photoplethysmogram (PPG) waveform, which enables accurate calculation of your personalized health parameters.

After analyzing your face scan, you receive your personalized results in less than 20 seconds. Depending on individual differences, additional short questions may be asked to further refine the recommendations. Of course, a personal consultation is always possible, with additional blood analyses, DNA tests or blood sugar measurements.

Get rid of long questionnaires without a scientific basis!

The future of biomarker technology


years of scientific research


unique data points used for testing and validating the models


percentage of overall algorithm accuracy

We take privacy and security seriously

At Insentials, we take privacy and security seriously. Our policies have been structured to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and integrity when processing your data. Insentials undergoes regular penetration testing and security reviews, designed to be GDPR compliant.

Video is deleted after processing

Your personal information and data is handled with integrity and care