Inner Beauty

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30 caps/pouch

Preventive anti-aging and skin hydration.

Skin hydration
For acne
Preventive anti-aging
Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C
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More about the Inner Beauty

Against skin impurities

The Inner Beauty combines the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C and zinc. It effectively tackles the root cause of skin blemishes.

Hydration with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has an advanced ability to retain moisture, resulting in hydrated skin from within.

Zinc as a protector of skin, hair and nails

Zinc is essential for a healthy skin barrier. It stimulates skin cell regeneration, reduces inflammation and protects against free radical damage. This contributes to strong and healthy skin protection. Zinc is also important for the growth, structure and health of both hair and nails.

Inner Beauty


No overdose, backed by science

A vitamin cocktail can be harmful for your health. Take a complete 360° approach and focus on the cause of your symptoms for sustainable results. This without any risk of overdose.

Belgian production

Our supplements are 100% traceable and notified by FAVV. Thanks to the strict regulations, Belgian health authorities benefit European approval.

Clean label

At Insentials, 'clean label' is not just a trend; it is part of our DNA. We therefore guarantee transparency and quality. Clean label, smart choice.

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Sports nutritionist

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Prof. Dr. Carlos Van Mieghem

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