Detox Boost

30 caps/pouch

Proven antioxidant liver supplement to detoxify your body efficiently and naturally.

Pure and effective detoxification
Patented Lipoglutathox
For a fatty liver
For a lowered metabolism
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More about the Detox Boost

The science behind Lipoglutathox

Rich in the body's own antioxidants, Lipoglutathox stimulates liver cells to detoxify naturally, without side-effects.
An overloaded liver is not just the result of excessive alcohol consumption; excess sugars, medication and pollution accumulate in your liver and can lead to a fatty liver. This is not directly reflected in blood analyses, but does lead to low metabolism, changes in weight, persistent fatigue, hormonal imbalance and skin ageing, among other things.

Detox in 3 chemical phases

Hydrolysis, conjugation and detoxification are the 3 phases essential to detoxify your liver. Excretion of both water- and fat-soluble toxins can only be done by targeting your liver's own body antioxidants. This is called natural repair or autophagy of your body.

Without side effects, 100% efficient

Laxatives or juices do not address the core of a fatty liver. Detox Boost, on the other hand, is 100% efficient with no side effects, as it directly addresses the cause of various discomforts, such as bloating.

Detox Boost


Healthy liver, radiant skin

Radiant skin is a reflection of a healthy liver. Embrace your liver for a radiant complexion. Science confirms that there is only one truth: it all starts from within.

Your hormone factory in balance

Your liver is not just a filter, it is a hormone factory. Hormones such as insulin, cortisol and oestrogen are all processed by the liver. If the liver is not working optimally, this leads to a hormonal imbalance.

Love your liver, lose the weight

When the liver is overloaded, it will not work properly and affect the body's ability to break down fats. This can lead to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

Start to detox

Nutrition scientist, best-selling author of the book "Er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt," and founder of Insentials, Amandine De Paepe, talks about successfully detoxing your body, how your liver works and how it doesn't, and how to boost your detox in a smart way.

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