Our Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) extract is standardized. This means that each lot has the same concentration of valeric acid.

Scientific evidence

The action of Valerian was already known to the Greeks. At that time, however, it was used more as an antispasmodic. A few centuries later, the sedative use of Valerian was a common treatment. Valerian acid acts on the receptors of GABA and thus inhibits signals from the nervous system.

Good for

Rest and and fall asleep.

Found in

Valerian extract is extracted from the plant Valeriana officinalis. It belongs to the Honeysuckle family and is found in the temperate regions of Europe and Asia.


Valerian, through its inhibitory action, goes to help calm the nervous system and promote falling asleep.

Science in numbers

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Known for

Better and deeper sleep