Vermoeidheid, stress, burn-out: de 4 alarmsignalen

Fatigue, stress, burnout: the 4 warning signs

Life today exposes us to multiple periods of stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and tension which are not always easy to deal with. To avoid sinking into a vicious circle and risking burnout, we must be aware of the 4 warning signs.

Avoid overload

Burnout is a time when the body says STOP! Faced with an overload, it reaches its limits in terms of physical, mental and emotional energy and is unable to go any further.
Four repeated signs indicate overwork and danger that call for action:

  1. Fatigue: being exhausted all the time is not normal
  2. Regular loss of memory and concentration
  3. Strange mood swings: disproportionate emotional reactions (crying, sadness, anger, etc.) 
  4. A need to escape reality: a tendency to withdraw and isolate (loss of enthusiasm, reduced participation in active, professional, family and private life, etc.)

Recognising the importance of these signs is the first step in taking action. But what should you to do in this situation?

Remedy the situation as soon as possible

If nothing is done, physical and psychological symptoms will aggravate the situation: headaches, digestive pains, sleep disturbances, depression, loss of self-confidence, etc.

So, you need to rediscover a calmer and more balanced quality of life and a positive life where tensions are only occasional and can be managed. Consequently, it is essential to identify the issues that are causing discomfort and are intolerable: family, work, relationships, etc. in order to find real solutions.
This may require the support of a professional or a trusted individual. So you may want to talk to a doctor, psychologist, friend or relative. You can also turn to effective stress management practices: yoga, meditation, sophrology, etc.

Restore balance to your body

A body that has been mistreated over time deserves a boost to help it regain the balance and energy it needs to re-vitalise the entire body. Adaptogenic plants such as ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) and maca (Peruvian ginseng) are valuable in these restorative moments. They help relieve stress and anxiety, restore vitality and promote mental and physical well-being. As does magnesium, which helps reduce fatigue and promotes the return of good energy and vitamin B5, which, by supporting mental performance and energy metabolism, reinvigorates the morale. 

Taking targeted food supplements can be another ally in this fight to combat stress, feel normal again and rediscover your zest for life!