Hair Support

30 capsules/zakje

Insentials Hair Support is a complete 360° formula against hair loss. Contains pure Serenoa Repens, biotin, zinc & natural phytosterols.

Reduces hair loss
Slows down the process of baldness
Preserves existing hair
With Saw Palmetto, biotin & quercetin
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More about the Hair Support

Saw Palmetto against hair loss

Saw Palmetto against hair loss: myth or miracle? Science shows that it is not a cure, but it offers strong support to reduce hair loss. The scientific evidence is significantly positive with long-term intake. So, we could conclude it’s a miracle, but it should always be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

For stronger existing hair

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that is often hereditary in men and strongly related to testosterone. External factors such as stress, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can also negatively affect hair loss. It’s important to make existing hair as strong as possible. Additional intake of quercetin as a bioflavonoid ensures effective preservation of existing hair. Together with Saw Palmetto, it forms a strong synergistic duo.

A remedy for men and women

Hair loss in men is less linked to a specific moment. Long-term intake for incipient hair loss is therefore an absolute recommendation. In women, it can be linked to a specific hormonal moment. For long-term hair loss not related to hormones, Insentials Hair Support can also be taken by women.

Hair Support


Complementary with the Smart Collagen 10g Shot

In addition to the high dose of hydrolysed collagen, the Insentials Smart Collagen 10g shot also contains precursors of keratin. This significantly strengthens your hair and nails. Combining the Insentials Hair Support and Smart Collagen 10g Shot is recommended for faster results.

Belgian production

Our supplements are 100% traceable and notified by FAVV. The control bodies in Belgium have European validation.

Clean label

At Insentials, 'clean label' is not just a trend; it is part of our DNA. We therefore believe in transparency and quality. Clean label, smart choice.

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