DNA analysis + Skin – Nutrition – Vitamin report

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An in-depth analysis on how your unique genes metabolize specific nutrients and vitamins, providing a comprehensive personalized report on your genetic predisposition for your skin.

360° DNA report
Lifestyle Medicine
Genetic Analysis
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More about DNA analysis + Skin – Nutrition – Vitamin report

Know your unique genes

Understanding your genes helps you estimate how your body reacts to different nutrients (fat, sugars, caffeine, lactose, gluten, etc.), your body’s specific vitamin needs, and the genetic impact on your skin’s aging process.

What your DNA reveals

Your DNA offers essential insights that aren't accessible through blood analysis or visible examination. In addition to your genetic predisposition, lifestyle plays a crucial role—something you can adjust, unlike your DNA.

With consultations from our experts

While your DNA accounts for roughly +-50%, the remaining +-50% is attributed to your lifestyle. As nutritional scientists, we aim to address 100% of your questions about your nutritional predisposition, vitamin needs, and skin health. Upon purchasing the kit, you'll receive two consultation sessions.

How does a DNA test work?

- Step 1: We mail you a DNA kit that contains the test.
- Step 2: You take the DNA saliva test, follow the instructions provided and send it to our lab free of charge.
- Step 3: After 6 weeks, we’ll have your DNA results ready. You’ll receive a printed report spanning over 150 pages detailing your results at home, followed by a consultation.

DNA analysis + Skin – Nutrition – Vitamin report


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