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'Er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt', a book by Insentials founder, food scientist and bestselling author Amandine De Paepe.

Nutrition scientist
Lifestyle Medicine
The liver as a vital organ
Tips for a healthy liver

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The natural detox machine

The liver is an important and versatile but often underestimated organ. It is a natural detox machine that regulates sugar levels in our body and provides the body with energy.

Due to too many ready-made meals, carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol but also stress, medication and pollution, the liver becomes burdened, slowing down the detoxification mechanism.

The liver as a vital organ

The cause of all kinds of ailments such as hormonal imbalance, sugar addiction, skin blemishes, difficulty losing weight, waking up at night often lies with a burdened fatty liver. That fatty liver is not linked to alcohol, but to our diet and sedentary lifestyle. Every single day, the liver regulates our body's energy and vitamin balance, has a role in hormone regulation, etc.

In short, the liver is an underrated but VERY important organ in the body.

Address the cause, not the symptom

Waking up at night? Why take a sleeping pill when the cause can be found in your liver?

Feeling bloated with fatty bowel movements? If you know that the liver is responsible for producing bile acids for fat digestion in your intestines, then the first step when you feel bloated is to address your liver. In lifestyle medicine, attention is paid to the cause of symptoms, rather than the symptom itself.

Book Er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt


Healthy liver, radiant skin

A radiant skin reflects a healthy liver. Embrace your liver for a radiant complexion. Science confirms that there is only one truth: it all starts from within.

Your hormone factory in balance

The liver is not just a filter, it’s a hormone factory. Hormones such as insulin, cortisol and oestrogen are all processed by the liver. If the liver doesn’t work optimally, hormonal imbalances are the result.

Love your liver, lose the weight

When the liver is overloaded, it won’t work properly, and it will affect the body's ability to break down fats. This can lead to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

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