Berberine may contribute to normal blood sugar levels and fat metabolism.

Scientific evidence

The fruit of the sourberry (Berberis aristata) has been eaten for hundreds of years in India, but in addition, plant medicine has been looking at berberine, a substance that can be extracted from the root of the plant, for several years.

Good for

Healthier blood sugar levels and fat metabolism.

Found in

Berberine occurs in dietary supplements in the form of powdered roots and bark of plants rich in it, extracts from the roots, bark and fruits of berberis, and as a pure chemical compound - berberine sulfate or berberine HCl, i.e. berberine hydrochloride.


Berberine has impressive health benefits:

  • it lowers blood sugar levels
  • helps weight control
  • facilitates digestion
  • prevents insulin resistance

Science in numbers

Number of studies


Known for

prevention in insulin resistance