gewichtsverlies welke supplementen neem ik best

Weight loss, what supplements to take?

Losing weight is not always easy! Can a diet be enough? Are slimming supplements effective? What's the best way to choose them and for what purposes? Detailed answers to help you make the right choices.

The diet, the foundation

There's no miracle: to lose weight, you must start by changing your eating habits (to correct mistakes) and re-evaluate your level of physical activity (energy expenditure) to discover or rediscover a better balance between energy input and output. That's the foundation. But it may not be enough. Why? Because it's not as simple as shaking up a body's habits without supporting it in its efforts. And effort often means discomfort! Doesn't everyone experience feeling of fatigue, hunger, frustration, craving, demotivation and disappointment while dieting? And for good reason, you don't necessarily lose the pounds in the right places, cravings are stronger than motivation, weight loss is slow, fatigue is hard to bear,.... in short, without help it is often difficult to stay the course!

Supplements, targeted assistance

To give yourself the chance to follow a diet to its conclusion while remaining active on a daily basis, you need to support your body and avoid certain pitfalls using the targeted assistance of specific supplements.

The 6 beneficial effects of targeted supplements:

  • The detoxifying effect: this helps the body to eliminate waste and promotes the regeneration of cells in key organs (chlorella, artichoke, nettle, black radish, etc.).
  • The satiation effect: this helps the body to regulate its appetite and control the sensations of hunger (green tea, konjac, apple pectin, etc.).
  • The diuretic effect: this helps the body to eliminate water from the tissues and fight water retention in certain parts of the body (green tea, meadowsweet, birch, etc.).
  • The fat-burning effect: this helps the body to promote weight loss by increasing energy expenditure even while at rest. This is known as the increase in the basal metabolic rate (green tea, garcinia, caffeine, etc.).
  • The craving-reduction effect: this gives the body greater control over the sudden desire to eat sugar and/or fat (chromium, cinnamon, essential fatty acids...).
  • The anti-fatigue effect: this helps the body to compensate for the feeling of tiredness due to reduced energy intake and weight loss (vitamins and minerals, magnesium, L-carnitine, chlorella, etc.).

To lose weight effectively without harming your health, you must have a healthy, balanced diet, lose fat without sacrificing muscle mass and be physically active on a daily basis thus getting rid of unwanted weight while preserving your energy. A famous plan that's well worth the boost of targeted supplements to be successful!