smart xmas feesten doe je zo insentials

Smart X-mas: smart partying is the way to go!

Tips to get through the holidays healthy & fun, without guilt afterwards.

Bloating, overeating, poor sleep, skin blemishes, lack of energy, hormonal imbalance, wrinkles, sweating at night. These are all motives that can take away your enjoyment of the festive season. As Christmas & New Year are just around the corner, we'd like to share some tips on how to get you through the holidays SMART.

Party smart tip 1: start with water

Always drink 2 glasses of water before your
first glass of champagne. Thirst can feel like an appetite stimulus and thus
cause extra cravings. So alternate alcoholic drinks with water. Make sure to
always have a glass of water around. Even during apero time. Saves you
calories, and as a bonus: your head will feel a lot lighter the next morning,
and you'll feel more like exercising 😉

Party smart tip 2: help with serving

When you’re invited somewhere, you're not
always in control of the food that’s served. You can, however, help in the
kitchen. If you’re busy, you'll automatically eat less and may be more likely
to ignore the appetisers. Besides, while serving dinner, you can choose how
much you scoop onto your own plate. Make sure your plate is half full of
vegetables. Discover our eating philosophy! Choose a little bit of fish or meat
and leave out chips or croquettes as much as possible. You can also replace
salt & classic sauces perfectly with lemon-ginger-soy curry blends.

Party smart tip 3: apply the 80/20 rule

You can apply the 80/20 rule by eating
healthy 80% of the time and ‘cheat’ 20% of the time. But we also see the 80/20
rule as: fill your belly 80% and not 200%!

Party smart tip 4: Make the right

Choose appetisers with mostly vegetables.
Ramanas as toast is an ideal alternative and these unique forgotten vegetables
also make it special and therefore festive. So be creative! Have oysters - very
rich in zinc instead of foie gras. Zinc is excellent for your immunity, as well
as for brittle nails and hair loss. Another fun & easy appetiser is
sashimi. Prefer sashimi to sushi because sushi is too rich in carbohydrates
& thus sugars.

Party smart tip 5: Enjoy, super(wo)man!

Eat slowly and take your time at the table.
Try not to feel bad about all the food. Let it go and enjoy friends and family.
There’s more to life than worrying about food. Enjoy the presents, dressing
yourself up or putting on your Christmas jumper, making the house cosy,
watching Christmas movies and celebrating together with people you love.

Party smart tip 6: Back to routine

Take time for yourself after the holidays.
Start exercising, drink plenty of water and don't forget to take your
Insentials vitamins.

Party smart tip 7: Boost your liver
cells with the Insentials® Detox Boost

Did you know that it's not only alcohol
that taxes your liver, but also carbohydrates and sugars?

Glutathione is the liver's antioxidant and
naturally stimulates your liver cells. This is the main ingredient of our
Insentials® DETOX BOOST.

An overloaded liver makes it difficult to
burn fat and slows down your metabolism.