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Pregnant: how do you recognize vitamin deficiencies?

Many young mothers and moms-to-be struggle with fatigue, stress and hormonal imbalance. Did you know that a vitamin deficiency can be at the root of these complaints?  

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Discover your deficiencies!

As a young mother or mom-to-be, there are many things to take into account. Your to-do list is endless, your days go by at breakneck speed and your nights are too short. Even if you're an active young woman and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, you can sometimes struggle with fatigue, restlessness and emotional imbalance. A vitamin deficiency can be at the root of these complaints. So it's time to take action!

Nutritionist and Founder of Insentials, Amandine De Paepe, recognised the symptoms of many women and decided to make it her mission to eradicate those deficiencies once and for all. So she developed Smart Insentials, one pill a day packed with scientifically dosed vitamins without fillers or additives. The basis for every healthy woman, at any moment in her life. Also for young mothers and mothers-to-be who need essential vitamins to discover their best self.

A history with infertility and the birth of her child made Amandine want to help young mothers and pregnant women in their journey to health. Because the journey to motherhood comes with a lot of uncertainty and discovering your body.

Smart Insentials for Smart Mums

As a young woman, information flies into your head every day about your body and health. When you are thinking about having a baby or being pregnant, this information flow doubles, and you can quickly feel overwhelmed. At Insentials, we want to give you clear science and plain language. 

95% of women have a vitamin deficiency. That's for sure. Young mums are no exception and from this science you can begin your journey to stronger health. For example, did you know that many young women are deficient in folic acid? A substance that ensures optimal cell division in your body and helps with your baby's health. Or Omega 3 for example, essential for the brain development of an embryo, but often the ratio is not up to par with our Western diet.

Insentials brought together all this scientific knowledge and created, in a completely natural and efficient way, the right vitamins for every woman, at any stage of her life. The Smart Insentials vitamins are designed to tackle every woman's basic deficiencies and are packed with nutrients like Folic Acid, Omega 3 & Vitamin B12. So you can stop worrying, and be the supermom you really are. 

Every mom is different

Despite the many similarities in symptoms and complaints in women and general vitamin deficiencies, Insentials also recognises that every woman, and every young mother, is different. And therefore has specific needs. To get your vitamin plan right, and give you all the chances you deserve, Insentials has developed a personalised screening where you can discover what deficiencies you really have!

Get in contact with our experts at Insentials and discover supplements made to measure.