haaruitval heb ik een vitaminetekort insentials

Hair loss, do I have a vitamin deficiency?

Losing between 50 and 100 hairs a day is completely normal. But beyond that, hair loss can become worrying, especially if the hair shows obvious signs of distress: loss of shine, lack of vigour, thickness, volume, etc. In this case, it is useful to look at your diet and review your hair care (blow drying, sport, washing, etc.). Indeed, with hair care that fails to respect the nature of the hair and a lack of targeted vitamins and nutrients, it is difficult to remedy hair loss. But why nutrients and vitamins in particular? 

Without balance, no growth

Daily nutrition is essential for beautiful, long and healthy hair.  Why? Simply because keratin (a protein), which is the main constituent of hair, can only be synthesised by the body in the presence of specific nutrients such as certain B group vitamins (5,6,8 and 9), iron and zinc. Zinc is a trace element that contributes to the structure of all proteins which makes it vital for the proper functioning of the body. It is particularly beneficial to the skin and hair. It is therefore necessary to ensure optimal intake, whether through food (eggs, cheese, fish, meat and poultry) or supplements to ensure the production of keratin and hair growth. 

But that's not all, for hair to have shine, strength and volume, it also needs other vitamins such as vitamin A (supports the hair growth cycle), vitamin C (supports iron absorption) and vitamin E (protects cells from oxidative stress due to its anti-oxidant power).

Which foods should you choose? 

It is recommended that you eat:

  • fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables (sources of vitamins) 
  • meat and pulses (sources of protein and iron)
  • garlic, onion, leeks (rich in sulphur products essential for the manufacture of proteins)
  • nuts, almonds (rich in vitamin E) 
  • shellfish, chicken (rich in zinc)
  • and also all foods rich in:

The best way to have healthy hair is therefore to eat a variety of seasonal foods in good quantities! In times when your diet may not quite be up to scratch, or in the case of significant hair loss... you should act quickly to revitalise your mane by taking a suitable course of vitamin and mineral supplements.