Green tea

Our green tea is a high-quality extract (98% concentration). Low in caffeine, rich in polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG.

Scientific evidence

Studies* have shown that taking green tea extract increases energy consumption which helps for a naturally higher metabolism.

*Nagao T, Hase T, Tokimitsu I. A green tea extract high in catechins reduces body fat and cardiovascular risks in humans. Obesity
(Silver Spring). 2007 Jun;15(6):1473-83.

Good for

natural fat burning

Found in

Green tea or Camellia sinensis comes from the buds and young leaves of the tea plant. Once harvested, it is left in the open air for a few hours before being heat-dried. Green tea is the result of a slight oxidation that takes a few hours, unlike black tea which is heated overnight.


Due to its energetic effect, green tea helps suppress appetite. It stimulates the body's energy consumption at rest (increases basal metabolism). Thanks to its EGCG content, it also helps reduce body fat.

Science in numbers

Alternative name

Camelia sinensis

Number of studies


Discovered in

18th century