Instant Energiser Shot

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Instant energy shot for intense focus and quick energy.

Instant energy & focus
With natural guarana caffeine
100% absorbable magnesium
Apple flavour, zero sugars

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More about the Instant Energiser Shot

The fastest absorbing magnesium form

Magnesium is a well-known mineral with numerous health benefits. It helps with poor sleep, stressful moments, muscle cramps or fatigue. However, what is important is the chemical form to ensure 100% absorbability. Most forms are not liquid and difficult to absorb given that magnesium is a salt. The Instant Energiser shot contains only liquid magnesium ions for fast absorption.

Much more than an energy shot

Most energy shots are sugary soft drinks or juices with one energising nutrient. The Instant Energiser Shot is revolutionary as it is not a drink, but one dose of a unique blend of various energetic nutrients combined in one shot. One shot contains magnesium ions, natural guarana as a caffeine boost, l-carnitine and taurine. Refuel your energy now!

Supercharged, super focused

An important meeting, exam or performance? Why reach for sugar when your body needs cellular energy? Guarana is a well-known natural caffeine boost and provides instant energy. Taurine helps improve memory, concentration and focus.

Instant Energiser Shot


100% on-the-go energy shot

Using small brown bottles is not only convenient on the go or for your computer or sports bag. It also prevents bacterial contamination. The brown colour of the bottle protects against oxidation from daylight. The small bottles are 100% recyclable.

WADA approved

Many athletes are naturally linked to the World Anti-Doping Agency. Insentials Energiser Shot is WADA certified and can therefore also be used by professional athletes to boost their performance.

Tip for extra freshness

Put your Insentials Energiser Shot Insentials in the fridge. This provides an extra tasty and fresh natural apple flavour. Long-term intake is recommended.

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