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Book launch: 'Er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt'

Food scientist Amandine De Paepe reveals the cause of our daily ailments.

Our liver is too often linked to alcohol, but food, stress, pollution, etc. also affect the organ and our whole body. The liver regulates our body's energy and vitamin balance, filters harmful substances from the blood and plays an important role in hormone regulation and immunity. Traditional medicine often only looks at cirrhosis of the liver. However, when you know that a 'burdened' liver is common in women and its consequences are not minuscule: energy deficiency, difficulty losing weight, hormonal imbalance, skin impurities, brain fog, ... then you know it's time to give the liver extra attention.

"I am a true 'lifestyle medicine'
believer. With the right advice and a personalised approach, you can prevent
ailments and enjoy an energetic life for longer. And that’s why I wrote this
book, to show that it’s not too late to pursue a healthy lifestyle and look at
the cause of those typical female ailments like difficulty losing weight,
fertility, fatigue, etc. I give the reader new insights in an understandable
way to approach health in a holistic and ever science-based way and get to know
your body. "
, says mandine De Paepe , nutrition scientist & Insentials

It's not about getting as old as possible, but about 'living' healthy for as long as possible.

The medical world often works far too curatively, read 'we are going to treat your symptoms', not 'we are going to look for the cause in order to delay your symptoms as long as possible'. A complete (and therefore holistic) view of medicine is often not yet part of our mindset. For nutrition scientist Amandine de Paepe, it’s obvious: "It's not about getting as old as possible, it's about 'living' healthy for as long as possible." Dr Carlos Van Mieghem, Professor and inspirer of lifestyle medicine concurs, "Most of our contemporary health problems, in particular, have their origins in diet and lifestyle. Better prevention than cure is our motto. Without the lifestyle-medicine discipline, we won’t be able to effectively combat the vast majority, at and near 80%, of today's ailments." states Prof Dr Carlos Van Mieghem.

amandine de paepe er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt

Long live the liver

The role of the liver is often underestimated, but it’s a crucial organ in your energy metabolism. "Think of the huge sugar cravings in women or the many hormonal fluctuations. When you know that insulin is a survival hormone that regulates your sugar, and the liver 'controls' it, you understand that the liver does have a very important position in your body!" says Amandine de Paepe.
For example, did you know that over 1 in 4 adults in the western world show signs of a stressed liver without knowing it? Such a stressed liver is often diagnosed far too late. But what’s the cause? Our lifestyle, especially our eating habits. "More than half of women who come to me for consultations, are diagnosed with an overstressed liver. The good news, though, is that your liver is a repair organ. A fatty liver or foie gras is reversible. And I expose that process in my book", says Amandine De Paepe.

Amandine De Paepe explains:
"Fruit sugar or fructose found in ready-to-eat industrialised and processed food, among others, as well as an excess of sugars and carbohydrates combined with little exercise constitutes one of the major causes of a non-alcoholic fatty liver. This non-alcoholic liver is becoming the disease of the future."

"Fluctuating blood sugar levels not only impact your energy levels. They're also directly linked to the liver. So, it makes a big difference what you eat, how you digest and when you take something in. It’s much more than 'you are what you eat'. A great example is the advice not to drink fruit, only eat it, and this in combination with a yoghurt or nuts. This too can have an impact on your liver load.", concludes Amandine.

The liver regulates vital storage processes and affects our vitality and fertility, our weight and the health of our skin. In the book, readers will find new insights and guidance on how to take control of their health as much as possible and adjust where necessary. Because that, according to author Amandine, is necessary.

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About the author

Author and food scientist Amandine de Paepe had an extensive university education. She studied biomedical sciences, nutritional sciences and obtained a European master's degree in nutritional sciences at the universities of Wageningen (NL), Cork (Ireland), Lund (Sweden) and Paris (FR). After her international career in the pharmaceutical sector, she threw herself into medical nutritional advice which she combined with analyses such as specific blood tests, DNA or sugar tests and personalised supplements. Over the years, Amandine made her passion her life's work. Today, she’s the inspirer behind Insentials, the Belgian vitamins & supplements brand.

"I believe this book can make a difference for many women and that's exactly why I made it my mission to make my scientific insights around nutrition accessible to everyone in a simple way."
Amandine de Paepe