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Start the year smart with your Smart Insentials

A long and cold winter without any sunlight, short weekends with a lot of alcohol, meeting with friends and family that end you up more tired than when you started... At the beginning of the year you become more aware of the shortages in your body than ever. It's a fact that 95% of women have vitamin deficiencies throughout the year, but new years resolutions tend to make this time of year above all a changing point in your daily habits. But how do you get all your vitamins in one dosage without adding unnecessary fillers? And is that even possible?

1 pill, one solution 

Amandine De Paepe, nutritionist and founder of Insentials, noticed her own shortages many years ago and decided she wanted to create the solution to the questions of so many women. The Smart Insentials pill was developed with a new cutting-edge technology allowing fewer ingredients to be used in higher dosages. All your daily vitamins, in just one supplement. And no additional fillers. Just real science without any bullshit.

Towards Smart daily habits

At Insentials we believe that by starting the day right, and putting your health first, you can go on and make smarter decisions. By developing one pill a day to help your female vitality and prevent symptoms from arising, you are creating a healthy pattern. It's easy: you take one everyday, we do the rest.