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Smart tips & tricks for your Detox - with Amandine De Paepe


The beginning of the year and time to press the reset button again... But where do you start, or what does a good detox even mean? 

The science is clear: everything starts with a healthy liver! Whether you want to burn off those extra pounds, reduce your alcohol intake or simply give your body a healthy reset, a detox will never be successful if your liver is overloaded!

By the way, did you know that your liver can be in an unhealthy stage for years and you can be unaware of it? Did you know that waking up at night and having sugar cravings can be symptoms of an overburdened liver?

So a truly successful detox starts with the right knowledge, and choosing health preventively also means knowing more about your body. Founder of Insentials Amandine De Paepe talks about everything you need to know, to make your detox work.

Amandine De Paepe talks how you can Detox in a Smart way