lets go minerale hoe mijd je alcohol in februari insentials

Let's get Minérale! How to go alcohol-free in February


February is that time of year when thousands of people ditch the cocktail and go alcohol-free for a month. A food scientists at Insentials, we know the health benefits are endless when you move aside that final glass of Champagne. So why not join the ultimate detox and Get Mineral?

We offer a dealwe help you with the right tips & tricks to get through this month without having to reach for a glass and you start with the right Healthy Habits. Go, Superwoman!

Smart Expertise to stay alcohol-free

Smart Science - 1

Going alcohol-free for one month means an instant detox for your liver and other vital organs. By adding these periods of substance abstinence to your yearly (or even monthly) routines, you can prevent your liver from going into an unhealthy fase. You might actually already be in one, right now.

However, to help your body reach a natural detox you should also excercise daily. Breaking out in a sweat is a vital way to clean out your system. Not a huge fan of intense workouts? Try big daily walks or going to the sauna with your girlfriends! 

Smart Science - 2

You know the drill by now. Take your huge pink bottle out of the cabinet and dust it off because you will need to get ready for those 3 litres of water bottles a day. Euhm, no! Altough drinking a healthy amount of water, and liquids containing water, a day is important for your health, this tip has all too often oversimplified quitting alcohol. When you have a craving, drinking that glass of water is just not going to do much, when we're honest. Nope, not bursting any bubbles here. 

So, what can you do? Creating healthy habits and making sure you're not having any vitamin shortages. To start you can go to your doctor and take a blood test if you're really unsure about your levels or you can get a personalised test for your needs at Insentials - the point is that you make sure your getting the right nutrients, probiotics and substances in your body. Otherwise you won't feel energised, balanced and fulfilled, it's as simple as that. And no amount of H20 can fix everything.

Amandine's Smart Tip:  Do you need a beverage to replace alcohol and is water just not doing enough for you? Try waterkefir! It's a probiotic drink you make yourself by adding white kefirgrains to substances. But why is it good for you? It's helps to restore your digestive system and prevent long term strain to your organs. When you know that the health of your digestive system, and bowels in specific, can determine for 80% how you feel overall, it's no small feat. In today's world antibiotics, pesticides, sugar, medicins and birth contral can all tear away slowly on the membranes of your bowels. So don't give it a chance by thinking probiotic!

Smart Science - 3 

The science behind quitting alcohol is pretty clear, the effects for your body are well known by nutritionists and doctors alike. But there's no point in us just telling you. Let's break it down for you so you understand yourself, shall we? 

Your brain has two naturally created opioid peptides that are used to keep your body in a state of equilibrium or homeostasis: Endorphins and Dynorphins. Endorphins are released every time we experience something pleasurable, for example laugh at a joke, hug someone you love or take a sip of your favourite alcoholic beverage. This creates a normal amount of endorphins in our body that spikes up from our usual balanced state of homeostasis, but we are able to naturally come back to baseline relatively quickly with no major effort or issues. Dynorphins do somewhat the opposite in that they regulate your pleasure and pain impulses for example, and keep you from getting too excited. They bring you back to the SAFE Zone, as we speak.

When you drink that Cosmopolitan, you introduce a foreign chemical into your body that was not considered in its creation. So what happens? Endorphins go wa-ay up and a huge amount of dynorphins are released to keep te balance and bring you back to safe zone. In order for you to have the same buzz that you experienced right after your first drink the entire night, you have to keep drinking and yes, your body has to keep putting out those dynorphins. 

We hear you thinking, but why is that necessarily an issue? It is because our bodies are smarter then we think and over time it doesn't only remember the pleasurable feeling of having the first sip but also everything that surrounds that experience. That's why you get a little twinge when passing your favourite cocktailbar or when you see a friend ordering a glass of whatever you now want to be having as well. Your body needs it and when it's 5pm on a friday again, it remembers and desperately wants that alcohol. So much it releases dynorphins early. Your body thinks it's doing you a favour but before you know it you have an alcohol craving and have toxins in your body that can even make you feel anxious or depressed

So how to beat this effect? Drink alcohol in moderation, obviously, and create pauses in your routines that give your body and your systems a reset. It actually gives you more pleasure in the long run by not drinking in the short run - even if its only for a month. The more you know!

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