amandine de paepe xandres inspiring woman of the month

Insentials founder Amandine Is Inspiring Woman of the Month

I am proud to announce that Belgian Fashionlabel Xandres has chosen me as their Inspiring Woman. Every month Xandres features an inspiring and entrepreneurial woman who loves Belgian fashion. My mission as a nutritionist, food expert & founder of Insentials is to bring internal beauty to all women, by helping them rediscover their vitality and preserve their superpowers. 100% science, 0% bullshit. 

Through their timeless and classic designs Xandres is on a similar mission to help women love their own skin, through the personalized fashion they wear.

Beauty starts from the inside out 

As a 100% Belgian brand itself, Insentials supports Belgian fashionlabel Xandres in their mission to bring timeless fashion to women, from all generations and walks of life. To make them feel the best as they can, through a passion for fashion. In my own expertise as a scientist I too know that beauty is something you have to work on inside yourself, and by taking care of that inner beauty you can become the best version of yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it starts from the inside.

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