Metabolic GLH-2 Pack

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30 caps/pouch

The Pack GLH-2 Stabilizer + Detox Boost + Fat Burner contains a Lipogluthatox™ liver detox with nutrients to stabilize your blood sugar, prolong satiety and stimulate your natural fat burning.

The complete 360° approach
Natural liver detoxification
Targets stored fats
Reduces your sugar cravings
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More about the Metabolic GLH-2 Pack

Everything starts with the liver

A stressed liver causes your metabolism to primarily draw energy from sugars, inhibiting natural fat burning and making weight loss difficult. The Insentials Detox Boost contains a unique Lipogluthatox™ blend to activate your liver cells. This works at the level of your stored sugars in the liver.

Stimulate your fat burning

Lipochrome™ is a natural blend to burn your already stored fat cells and stimulate fat digestion. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, your small adjustments will yield significant rewards.

Up to 6 hours longer satiety

The GLH-2 Stabilizer blocks up to 40% of carbohydrates from food, leading to less storage of sugars in your body. Naturally, and without hormonal side effects, you will increase your metabolism and experience instant reduction in cravings.

Metabolic GLH-2 Pack


65% more satiety hormone GLP1

Indigestible sugar particles in the intestines signal our body to produce up to 65% more GLP1 hormone. This hormone is released in the intestines and interacts with receptors in the brain to induce satiety. The result? A strong feeling of fullness for up to 6 hours after your meal.

Control your cravings, stabilize every day.

Miracles don't exist. You won't achieve your goals without a balanced diet. It's not just a supplement regimen, but a long-term lifestyle adjustment. Efficacy proven in more than 10 human studies.

No compromise on quality - 100% validated by experts.

Unlike medication or ampoules, it’s not an invasive method with side effects on your long-term health. Daily intake is advisable.

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