Smart Weight Pack


30 caps/pouch

To your ideal weight in 01, 02, 03. The pack Smart Vitamins + Detox Boost + Fat Burner includes a Lipogluthatox™ liver detox with nutrients for natural fat burning.

The complete approach
Essential vitamins including vitamin D
Natural liver detoxification
Targets stored fats
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More about the Smart Weight Pack

The all-in-one Smart Vitamins

These Insentials Smart Vitamins contain only nutrients you really need. Most other multi's contain 20+ ingredients that are too low in dosage and that you get enough of from your diet. Ours contains only 6, in optimal dosage and bioavailable form, for optimal absorption in your body. Moreover, this unique duo-release technology ensures that the vitamins survive the stomach acid. They are 100% absorbed in the intestines, where vitamin absorption should take place.

It all starts with the liver

A stressed liver causes your metabolism to get energy mainly from sugars. As a result, your body does not switch to natural fat burning, and weight loss becomes difficult. The Insentials Detox Boost contains a unique Lipogluthatox™ blend to activate your liver cells.

Stimulate your fat burning

Lipochrome™ (with green tea extract, chromium and lipase enzymes) is a natural blend to stimulate your body’s fat burning and fat digestion, with no side effects.

Smart Weight Pack


No overdose, backed by science

A vitamin cocktail can be harmful for your health. Take a complete approach and address the cause for faster results. This without the risk of overdosing.

Belgian production

Our supplements are 100% traceable and notified by FAVV. The control bodies in Belgium have European validation.

Clean label

At Insentials, 'clean label' is not just a trend; it is part of our DNA. We therefore believe in transparency and quality. Clean label, smart choice.

Our experts

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Food scientist

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Camille Baekelandt


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Sports nutritionist

Orthomolecular therapist

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Prof. Dr. Carlos Van Mieghem

Cardiologist, AZ Groeninge, Kortrijk Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at KU Leuven Lifestyle Medicine specialist, European Lifestyle Medicine