Vitamin B2

Our vitamin B2 or riboflavin is a strong natural antioxidant, works together with other vitamins of the B group. Vitamin B2 is responsible for the body's energy metabolism.

Scientific evidence

Vitamin B2 is often combined with other vitamins of the B group and/or magnesium to improve its absorption and thus its effect.

Good for

Energy and metabolising iron

Found in

Egg yolk, liver, brewer's yeast, dairy, fish, meat and whole grain cereals, in low doses. Supplementation is recommended.


Vitamin B2 is one of the only vitamins produced in the body by gut bacteria. However, this production is not enough to cover the recommended daily allowance and thus must be supplemented by daily intake.

It helps:

  • in the provision of energy
  • In the proper functioning of the nervous system
  • in the support of the skin, membranes and mucous membranes
  • in the maintenance of red blood cells
  • In the normal function of vision
  • In the metabolism of iron

Riboflavin is needed to utilize the iron stored in the form of ferritin, and for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Science in numbers

Alternative name

Riboflavin, Lactoflavin

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