White Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba)

White Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba) is a standardized and patented extract of white Mulberry (Morus alba). It contains 5% DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin).

Scientific evidence

There are now more than 10 human studies on White Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba) conducted by different agencies. They examined the effect of DNJ on carbohydrate metabolism. They found that DNJ reduces the expression of alpha-glucosidase (an enzyme responsible for the fine chopping of carbohydrates and sugars) by up to 40%. This results in a lesser exposure of glucose, keeping blood sugar levels lower and thus the body's insulin release. The unabsorbed fragments of carbohydrate pass into the small intestine, where they increase GLP-1 hormone. This leads to a higher feeling of satiety. A third step in the story is the delivery of these fragments to the colon,where they function as prebiotics for your own microbiome.

Good for

Blood sugar lowering and satiety increasing.

Found in

White Mulberry (Morus alba) leaf.


White Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba) has numerous health benefits: lowers your blood sugar levelsgives you longer satiety up to 6h after ingestionimproves your gut microbiomeincreases your GLP1 or satiety hormone

Science in numbers

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Known for

causes fast sugars to be absorbed slowly.